Louvre Abu Dhabi: A universal museum in the Arab world


  The Louvre Abu Dhabi is a new cultural lighthouse, bringing diverse cultures together to shed new light on humanity's shared story.

  The Louvre Abu Dhabi was founded in March 2007. The UAE and France created unparalleled cultural exchange cooperation, with the highlight being the building of the Louvre Abu Dhabi on Saadiyat Island. The collaboration would bring together the UAE's ambitious vision of cultural growth and openness, as well as France's experience in the field of art and museums. It would delve into the universal themes that expose and unite humanity.

  The museum brings together diverse civilizations to provide new light on these universal human stories that transcend specific cultures, periods, and locations. This concept leads the museum in all it does, from its inception as a cultural partnership to its stunning building, which mixes French design with Arabic tradition.

  The Louvre Abu Dhabi celebrates cultural achievements dating back to antiquity and continuing to the current day. The galleries are not organized geographically, but rather chronologically. The goal is to instill respect, curiosity, learning, and self-reflection in children.

  This great museum is a must-visit on your trips to Abu Dhabi. We are hardly 30 minutes away from the museum.